There’s nothing more thrilling than cheering your racehorse home and crossing the finishing line first. At SJD Racing, we aim to ensure that our owners have a fun, memorable and successful time.  Our rates are very competitive and we offer a range of different ownership options so whatever your dreams of becoming a racehorse owner are, we can help you. 


Sole ownership

One individual owns a horse and is solely responsible for the purchase and costs involved. You’ll get to choose your own racing silks and get to name your horse (if it is previously unnamed)– and you'll also keep all the winnings!


Joint ownership 

A group of between 2 and 12 individuals all of which must be registered owners in their own right.  This type of ownership is horse specific.


Racing partnerships

A group of between 2 and 20 individuals, 2 of which must be registered owners in their own right. This type of ownership is not horse specific and horses may be changed in and out.


Corporate ownership

An ideal way to advertise your company and build your brand. You may be able to give your horse the company name and organise team days out to the races that can helping to unite your employees.


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